- from aesthetics to Utopia -
The exhibition of assemblage art by ANNA AGTMA "BEYOND  CLASSICAL BORDERS - from
aesthetics to Utopia” seeks to expand the existing formal boundaries of the human body in
classical sculpture by creating an harmonious balance through opposites,  searching for it in
philosophy, politics, science, society as well as in all art disciplines in order to find a new
spiritual sense of freedom.

Classical sculptures are mostly limited to a drive of perfection of the human figure and to an
hymn for human beauty. ANNA AGTMA’s assemblages, using 19th century plaster casts of
classical statues, bring into focus that there is more than idealized aesthetic values. They go
beyond and are the humorous expression of a magical world, provoking thoughts and

             ART ACADEMY
About 1550 in Florence and Rome emerged the institution of the art academy, where
instruction included studying examples of ancient art, mostly sculpture. However,
original examples of antique sculptures were not always available firsthand. Although
prints served the need somewhat, the preferred solution was to reproduce the sculpture
in the form of a plaster cast.
     By the 18th century, practically every academy in Europe was in possession of a
collection of plaster casts of ancient sculptures. Collections of casts survived in many
Casts are currently enjoying of a revival interest.

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